Our Story


Specialty Coffee

Tower Coffee is a Canadian owned family business committed to providing you not only locally roasted coffee but a great coffee experience. From selecting the perfect bean to create your cup of coffee to calibrating your equipment we understand the work that goes into serving a premium coffee and the need for quality and consistency.

Just like you, we are passionate about coffee that we sell and are committed your success. From our years of experience in the food service industry, we understand the value of a strong and long lasting supplier relationships.  


Searching The World Over

Coffee is a science that unifies the World and promotes international cooperation and inclusion. Our roast masters couldn't do their job without the plantation owners that are so committed to the quality of the crops and their dedication to transparency with shippers and wholesaler’s world wide.

Feel good about supporting the local economy and knowing that you are contributing to the good of the world by purchasing ethically sourced coffee.


Increase Your Customer Experience

One of the last impressions that the customer has before leaving your Cafe, Golf Club, or Restaurant is the is that final sip of of coffee. Was is great or just okay?

"My customers used to never ask for a second cup of coffee and our staff were on edge that the clients would be disappointed with the coffee. We turned the whole thing around thanks to the free consultation that we received and now both our coffee sales and customer satisfaction are up".

Contact us today for a free in house consultation or visit our idea center and give your customers a reason to come back and promote your business to others.