Bunn Refresh DWSUC Pull & Hold Water Dispenser Including Filter System

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With unique, in-line carbonation and ice bank cooling technology, this precision cold water machine dispenses Chilled Still and Chilled Sparkling water at the optimal temperature of 40°F, ideal as a pure water refreshment.


  • PROP 65 Warning Decal included in packaging with equipment
  • Provides one pull-and-hold handle for Still water, and one push-and-hold handle for Sparkling water
  • In-line patent-pending water mistifier provides the delicate balance of purified, cold water and "light" carbonation for longer lasting sparkling water and optimal absorption of flavors
  • One water filtration system included. Purity achieved with water filtration technology certified to reduce cyst, lead, particulates, chloramines, chlorine taste and odor and 99.99% of common water-borne bacteria* [*As tested with E.Coli ATCC (11229) by manufacturer’s laboratory]
  • The perfect instrument to incorporate infusions and natural ingredients for crafted beverages
  • Sleek visual design ideal for front-of-the-house settings
  • Fast flow faucet accommodates large cups or carafes up to 12"
  • Recirculation loop ensures cold water is constantly circulating for consistent cold drink temperature of 40°F water

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