Giving Back - Our Commitment to EMS & Paramedics

The Pandemic brought a lot of things to light, including some candid conversations about how things were going on the front lines.

We are privileged to have a wide range of clients that support us and in a conversation with one of them who also happens to be a Paramedic he mentioned that they didn't have a budget for coffee at the EMS Station in Hamilton.

These folks are front line, sometime high stress, and an integral part of our society. Needless to say we jumped at the chance to offer support to our EMS Stations in various regions across Ontario with donations of Coffee Equipment and our Tower Columbian Coffee to ensure that the frontline staff are taken care of.

The best part of this? It makes you feel so good to give back! After setting up on of the coffee stations at a Hamilton EMS station I had a whole new respect for these frontline people. They are human and deserve to be treated with respect, show some gratitude when you can and support our frontlines.

If you know of a Paramedic / EMS Station in Ontario that needs a little boost have them reach out to us at and we will get them coffee!

It's not What you Do it's That you do!

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